African System of Thought: The Black Race, The African Continent and The UltimateNecessity for The Development of Black Cultural Science

Blacology is an interdisciplinary cultural science. This science is a cultural and scientific study of black people, specifically, the “Dark Skinned Black/African people. The “K” is eliminated to deduce more scientific implicationsand universal relevance, i.e., “science”. The “K”, of course, implies the strength, wisdom, and the unique “Dark”pigmentation of the original inhabitants of the Continent of Africa. Many researchers, readers, and observers of thispaper would like to know the actual role and significance of Blacology, or “Black Cultural Science” as it relates to”Dark Skinned People of Africa” during a multi-racially diverse black cultures in contemporary society. As a youngAfrican boy, growing up from a traditional Mandingo background in Liberia, West Africa, during the early 1960sand 1970s, the consciousness of race relations with specific emphasis on white racism other than the black race, hasnever been a profound significant apart from the “Light-Skinned-Dark-Skinned-Mulatto phenomena amongtheAmerico-Liberians in Liberia. Black/African is all I am, is all I will be, and that all I have ever been before gettingin contact with Europeans from Germany, United States, Russia, London, Swaziland, and many European nations.