Determinants of Savings among Cassava Processors in Ogbomoso South Local
Government of Oyo State, Nigeria

Inadequate savings, income and access to capital for investment are one of the basic challenges confrontingagricultural development in Nigeria. This study was conducted among garri processors in Ogbomoso southlocal
Government of Oyo State. Multi-stage sampling procedure was employed while descriptive statistics and multipleregression analysis were used as analytical tools. The study revealed that majority (87.6%) of the garri processorswere females between ages 21-60 with the mean age of 45years. Majority (96.7%) of the garri processors hadsomeform of formal education with the mean years of experience in garri processing being 9 years. Majority (81.7%) of
the garri processors utilized both household and hired labour in processing the garri, while few (18.3%) employedonly hired labour. The study also revealed that the factors determining savings include age, level of education, yearsof experience and income. Therefore, it is pertinent to give serious attention to these factors in designing strategiesaimed at improving savings of cassava processors.