Perceived Effect of Climate Change on Vegetable Production in Yewa SouthLocal
Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria

The study assessed vegetable farmers’ perception of climate change on vegetable production in Yewa South Local
government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 120 farmers for thestudy. The study assessed respondents’ socio-economic characteristics, sources of climate change information, vegetables grown, observed changes in climatic parameters, perception of ef ects of climate change on vegetableproduction and measures adopted to cope with climate change. Data were analysed using descriptive (frequencycount, percentages and mean). Majority were not older than 50 years (94.2%) with faming experience of over 10years (63.3%), had formal education (78.3%) and sourced climate change information from radio (86.7%). All respondents grew gmarantus and chocorus. Observed negative ef ects of climate change included high incidenceof
pests and diseases (99.2%) and low yield (85.8%). Mitigation measures included planting of varieties of vegetables(100.0%) and use of pesticides (100.0%). Extension should be more impressive in providing vegetable farmers withinformation on causes of climate change and sustainable farming practices to mitigate its ef ects on vegetableproduction