Relationship between Total Quality Management Practices and Clients Patronage inHigher Institution Sports Centres

This research was carried out to determine the relationship between Total Quality Management Practices andclients patronage in higher institution sports centres in Lagos State. The variables studied included intense focus oncustomers, quality of service, organization’s ef ort and employee’s improvement. Four hypotheses were testedinthe study. Three hundred and thirty (330) respondents from five higher institution Sport Centres in Lagos State wereused for the study. A self-developed research questionnaire tagged Total Quality Management and ClientsPatronage Questionnaire (TQMCPQ) designed and validated by experts in sports management was used to collect
data from the respondents. The TQMCPQ was subjected to content and criterion related validity. The test –retest
method was employed in establishing the reliability of TQMCPQ with an r-value 0.872. The descriptive statistics of
bar chart, pie chart and percentages were used to present the demographic data while inferential statistics of linearregression was used in testing the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of the study showedthat
intense focus on customers recorded (F-value (4.818; P<0.05), improvement in the quality of service F-value (1.230;
P<0.05), accurate measurement of organization’s ef ort F-value (2.112; P<0.05) and improvement of employees F- value (4.083; P<0.05) all had significant relationship with clients’ patronage of sports centres in higher institutionsof learning. The study concluded that when the management of sports centers focus on total quality management
practices, there is possibility of sustaining high clients’ patronage in higher institutions sports centres. The studyrecommended that Total Quality Management Practices should be adopted by directors of sports centres in higherinstitutions for ef ective mobilization and sustenance of clients’ patronage for high profit. Clients’ satisfactionshould be the hallmark of service delivery in higher institutions sports centres ensuring personalized programmeswhich should be operated for continued clients motivation and patronage.